Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Are the products always fresh?
    Yes, every day we produce all products freshly in our own bakery. We pack them in a paper bag and deliver perfectly fresh products to your house. Due to the humidity level in Shanghai the rolls can become soft quickly, then you can put them into a preheated oven at about 200 degree C for about 1-2 min. and they will become crispy again.
  2. What is the delivery time during the week and at weekends for the different delivery areas?
    1. Daily delivery areas: During the week the delivery time will be till 7am. At weekends we deliver till 8 am.
    2. Other delivery areas: The delivery will be in the morning hours (around 5 am till about 12pm, just according the best-shortest-quickest way through the delivery area)
  3. What is the delivery time at bank holidays?
    The below listed days are regarded as bank holidays. The delivery time for the daily delivery areas will be the same as at weekends till 8 am.
    - Spring Festival
    - May Holiday
    - October Holidays
  4. To which areas in Shanghai do you deliver?
    Please see our Delivery Page for details.
  5. Where are the deliveries placed?
    The deliveries will be placed in front of your house door. If you have a special requirement like placing the delivery behind the letterbox or into a special bag, please let us know. We are happy to follow your wishes.
  6. Do you ring the doorbell?
    No, we place the delivery silently in front of your house door or a place according to your requirement.
    Only if you ask us to ring the doorbell, or for payment reasons we will do so.
  7. What payment methods do you offer? 
    Please, do not leave any money outside of your door. It may work for some time but sooner or later the money will disappear. There is no way to find out what happened. Just use one of the following payment options. There should be something fitting to you.

    1、QR code payment is used when your are shopping on our desktop website. The QR code will be automatically generated by the WeChat or Alipay payment system. You just need to scan the QR code with WeChat or Alipay to make the payment or a top-up.However, when visiting our desktop website by using your smartphone, you can't scan the QR Code generated by the system. You should take the following steps to make the WeChat Pay and Ali pay payment.

    [ WeChat Pay ]

    1. Capture the QR Code by using screenshot function

    2. Go to your WeChat and click "+"

    3. Select "Scan QR Code",

     4. Click ":", in the upper right corner; and select "Choose QR Code from Album"

    5. Select the QR Code screenshot; and click "Pay Now" to make the payment

    [ Alipay ]

    1. Capture the QR Code by using screenshot function

    2. Go to your Alipay and click "+"

    3. Select "Scan QR Code", and click "Album", located in the upper right corner

    4. Select the QR Code screenshot; and click "Pay Now" to make the payment.


    2、Cash at our shops: You can pay into your personal Abendbrot credit account at our shops in Xujing next to the French/German school, at our Zhongshan Park Brezel both and at the German Ceive at the bank and will become visible after one week or later (only if you send a mail about your payment we can process it within one day).
    3、Cash at delivery: If you like to pay at delivery - no matter how early we deliver, earliest could be around 5 am - let us know via e-mail to 
    All payments for deliveries in Shanghai will be visible at the day of the payment. For deliveries in Ningbo&Beilun it will be visible the next day.
    For all payments via Alipay, WeChat or Bank Transfer please, do not forget to let us know your Abendbrot contact details (your account phone number or the 4 digit account number). Do not forget to check your account (after login go to MY ACCOUNT) later to see if the money has been added.
  8. How can I order?
    You can order here at our web page - this is the easiest way.
    by phone: (021) 69233277
    by fax: (021)69233277
    by mobile message: 18930323277
    by e-mail:  (please use a subject otherwise your order may end up in the Spam folder)
    For each order or change of order you will get a confirmation e-mail. With our system there is only one order per day possible.
  9. How shortly before delivery may I place my order?
    For the next morning delivery we need to receive the orders latest till 5 pm (after 5 pm the web page will only allow to order for the day after tomorrow).
  10. Until when can I change my order?
    Orders can be changed as often as you like until 5 pm the day before the delivery day. Do not forget to "confirm" and later "submit" to make the change active. Later changes can only come into effect for the day after tomorrow. 
  11. What arrangements are possible for the time I am on holiday?
    Please change your orders to "0" for your holiday period. You can use the "Delete this day" button. Do not forget to "confirm" and later "submit" to make the change active.
  12. What are your office hours?
    Our office hours are:
    7 days, 8 am - 6 pm
  13. What are minimum delivery amount?
    Delivery area            order value below     charge
    French/German school     15 RMB           3 RMB 
    American/British school   20 RMB            5 RMB
    Hongqiao area                 38 RMB            5 RMB  
    All other areas in SH        58 RMB            8 RMB




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You can find our fresh products in several shops in Shanghai, see our Address-List.

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