Into the City areas we deliver at certain days in the morning hours (4:30 am till 12:00 am according to your location and the number of deliveries before) - for more details see below.

Into the 3 dark coloured daily delivery areas we deliver daily till 7am (weekends/holidays till 8am).

HongQiao Road Area around the Shanghai Zoo

  • China Garden
  • Elegant Garden
  • Elite Garden
  • Green Valley
  • Jasmin Garden
  • Mandarine City
  • Odin Palace Villa
  • Perfect Garden
  • Prince Garden
  • Shanghai Garden Plaza
  • Sunny Garden
  • Sunridge Garden
  • Vernal Garden
  • Windsor Park
  • Xi Jiao Bao Cheng
  • Xi Jiao Jia Jing Yuan

French/German school area, QingPu

  • An Sheng Villa (Prosperity Villa)
  • Dahao Mountain Forest Villa
  • Elite Villa
  • Forest Riviera
  • Garden Inside
  • Goldhill Villas
  • Haitian Emerald
  • Jiu Shi Western Suburb
  • Lakeside Villa
  • Le Chambord Garden
  • Lido Villa
  • Long Beach Garden Villa
  • Long Beach Garden Villa Phase 2
  • Lo Bo Garden
  • Maple Villa
  • Morden Villa
  • New Rainbow Asia Garden
  • Prosperity Villa Phase 2
  • Violet Country Villa
  • Western Residence
  • Xi Jiao Hua Cheng
  • Xi Jiao Jing Yuan
  • Xi Jiao Ming Di
  • Yin Tao Golf Villa

American/British school area, MinHang

  • Shanghai Racquet Club
  • Rancho Santa Fe I & II & III
  • Forest Manor
  • Risen Villa
  • Westwood Green I & II
  • Stratford I & II

If you live close to one of these compounds let us know your address and we will check if a (daily) delivery is possible.

Shanghai City, Ningbo, Suzhou-Wuxi

At the following days we deliver into the here mentioned City areas, to Ningbo and Suzhou-Wuxi.
The delivery time will be in the morning hours - or at the mentioned timing.


Puxi city centre north of YanAn elevated road, Qingpu town, Taicang, Anting



Puxi city centre south of YanAn elevated road

Pudong central area, Pudong east/north


Puxi city centre north of YanAn elevated road, Pudong South at S20 (Belle Woods, Trinity, Ticiano, Emerald, etc.)

Ningbo & Beilun
9:00-11:00 Nottingham University
We will come to the Arabica Cafe. We will set up a table and sell our products there and you can pick up your orders there. 

12:00-12:45 Access International Academy Ningbo-Beiun
You can pick up your orders and we will set up a table to present our products. 
13:15 Nordic Industrial Park in Zhenhai (Ningbo) (Pre orders pick up only)
Please order in advance because if we have no orders there we will not go there.
13:30-14:00 NBIS Ningbo International School
At the NBIS we arrive at about 13:30 and will stay there till latest 14:00. 
15:00-15:30 ISN International School Ningbo 
At ISN we will arrive at 15:00 and stay at the library. There you can pick up your orders and buy products directly.
Fridays Puxi city centre south of YanAn elevated road

Pudong central area
at 7:45 Green Lake Garden #3
around 8:45 Portland Street next to the club house close to the Chaple
at about 9:30 Marina Cove main entrance


City north - Hongkou District; G15/G60 (Celebrity, Hampton Woods, Oasis Beverly) and Gudai Rd. area

If you need a special delivery to one of these areas at a different day please email or phone us with your request and we will do our best to deliver your order the required day.




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You can find our fresh products in several shops in Shanghai, see our Address-List.

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