Into the City areas we deliver at certain days in the morning hours (4:30 am till 12:00 am according to your location and the number of deliveries before) - for more details see below.

Into the 3 dark coloured daily delivery areas we deliver daily till 7am (weekends/holidays till 8am).

HongQiao Road Area around the Shanghai Zoo

  • China Garden
  • Elegant Garden
  • Elite Garden
  • Green Valley
  • Jasmin Garden
  • Mandarine City
  • Odin Palace Villa
  • Perfect Garden
  • Prince Garden
  • Shanghai Garden Plaza
  • Sunny Garden
  • Sunridge Garden
  • Vernal Garden
  • Windsor Park
  • Xi Jiao Bao Cheng
  • Xi Jiao Jia Jing Yuan

French/German school area, QingPu

  • An Sheng Villa (Prosperity Villa)
  • Dahao Mountain Forest Villa
  • Elite Villa
  • Forest Riviera
  • Garden Inside
  • Goldhill Villas
  • Haitian Emerald
  • Jiu Shi Western Suburb
  • Lakeside Villa
  • Le Chambord Garden
  • Lido Villa
  • Long Beach Garden Villa
  • Long Beach Garden Villa Phase 2
  • Lo Bo Garden
  • Maple Villa
  • Morden Villa
  • New Rainbow Asia Garden
  • Prosperity Villa Phase 2
  • Violet Country Villa
  • Western Residence
  • Xi Jiao Hua Cheng
  • Xi Jiao Jing Yuan
  • Xi Jiao Ming Di
  • Yin Tao Golf Villa

American/British school area, MinHang

  • Shanghai Racquet Club
  • Rancho Santa Fe I & II & III
  • Forest Manor
  • Risen Villa
  • Westwood Green I & II
  • Stratford I & II

If you live close to one of these compounds let us know your address and we will check if a (daily) delivery is possible.

Shanghai City, Ningbo

At the following days we deliver into the here mentioned City areas, to Ningbo and Suzhou.
The delivery time will be in the morning hours - or at the mentioned timing.


Puxi city centre north of YanAn elevated road, Qingpu town, Taicang, Anting



Puxi city centre south of YanAn elevated road

Pudong central area, Pudong east/north


Puxi city centre north of YanAn elevated road, Pudong South at S20 (Belle Woods, Trinity, Ticiano, Emerald, etc.)

Ningbo & Beilun
9:00-11:00 Nottingham University
We will come to the Arabica Cafe. We will set up a table and sell our products there and you can pick up your orders there. 

12:00-12:45 Access International Academy Ningbo-Beiun
You can pick up your orders and we will set up a table to present our products. 
13:15 Nordic Industrial Park in Zhenhai (Ningbo) (Pre orders pick up only)
Please order in advance because if we have no orders there we will not go there.
13:30-14:00 NBIS Ningbo International School
At the NBIS we arrive at about 13:30 and will stay there till latest 14:00. 
15:00-15:30 ISN International School Ningbo 
At ISN we will arrive at 15:00 and stay at the library. There you can pick up your orders and buy products directly.
Fridays Puxi city centre south of YanAn elevated road;G15/G60 (Celebrity, Hampton Woods, Oasis Beverly) and Gudai Rd. area;City north - Hongkou District

Pudong central area


No delivery

If you need a special delivery to one of these areas at a different day please email or phone us with your request and we will do our best to deliver your order the required day.




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You can find our fresh products in several shops in Shanghai, see our Address-List.

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